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BadCreditCashASAP Scholarship
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The Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities is pleased to announce the collaboration with BadCreditCashASAP for the 2021 merit scholarships for the incoming students.

Along with the Consortium`s mission, BadCreditCashASAP Scholarship Award Program aims to enhance regional development by investing in human capital and learning solutions. The scholarship benefits consist of a one-time $500 lump sum which can be used for educational purposes.

Selection Criteria

The application requires a 700+ word essay on the topic of Environmental Conservation. We kindly ask each student to review the eligibility criteria before applying for the BadCreditCashASAP Scholarship Award.

  • The applicant must be a US resident;
  • The Applicant must be an incoming student of Fall 2021, being enrolled during the entire academic year in a member institution of the Environmental Consortium;
  • The applicant must demonstrate a GPA of a minimum of 2.8;
  • The applicant must provide a motivational letter, providing the experience and the depth of knowledge in a subject related to environmental conservation;
  • The applicant must use the award for education purposes. The applicant must use the scholarship for financing the studies, learning materials, or other personal needs regarding the organization of studies.

About BadCreditCashASAP

BadCreditCashASAP is an online platform providing trustworthy, modern lending solutions. The company offers products aiming to help people during financial crisis.

Following sustainable development and corporate social responsibility goals, BadCreditCashASAP invests in environmental research by offering products as Scholarships. The company encourages the development of know-how in environmental conservation.