Campus Greening

The Consortium engages member institutions in promoting campus environmental responsibility and resource conservation. The Consortium:

  • Explores ways to link students, faculty, and administrators in implementing sound environmental practices.
  • Maintains a database of regional campus greening resources and case studies.
  • Organizes workshops and other events to providegreening resources to campuses and integrative green curriculum ideas.
  • Works to develop programs to increase ecological literacy of campus communities.
  • Continues to examine environmental auditing as a useful tool, and develop strategies to encourage campuses to participate.
Resource Center

Green Campus Virtual Resource Center

Greening Conference November 2013 10th Annual Conference of the Environmental Consortium:
Sustain What? Preparing our Students by Greening our Campuses

March 2011 Westchester County Campus Greening Meeting

November 2020 Campus Greening Conference Proceedings