How to Join

Applicants must demonstrate, in their application for membership, a clear interest in the study of the watershed and in the mission of the Consortium as it relates to higher education. To join the Environmental Consortium, access the appropriate membership application below (Institutional or Affiliate) and mail the completed form. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Institutional Membership
  I. Institutional Members
Two-year and four-year accredited colleges and universities situated in the Hudson-Mohawk River watershed are eligible for Institutional membership.
  II. Individual Members
Any person with an affiliation to an institution of higher education in the Hudson-Mohawk River Watershed. An Individual Member need not hail from an Institutional Member; however, he/she will agree to work towards gaining membership status for their respective institution.

Note: Student applicants must be registered at a member institution and have a faculty sponsor, who is already a member of the Consortium, support his/her application. Upon leaving their institution, a student may re-apply for membership as an Individual Affiliate member.
Affiliate Membership
  I. Institutional Affiliate Members
Two-year and four-year accredited colleges and universities not situated in the Hudson-Mohawk River watershed are eligible for affiliate membership.
  II. Non-profit Affiliate Members
Non-profit educational or research organizations are eligible for affiliate membership.
  III. Individual Affiliate Members

Any individual who is associated with the following entities may request to become an Affiliate member of the Consortium:

• an Institutional Affiliate member
• a two-year or four-year accredited college or university not in the Hudson-Mohawk River Watershed
• a K-12 institution
• a non-profit educational or research organization

The Environmental Consortium will provide each member with complete benefits for the respective membership category, including:

•Opportunities for faculty development (Institutional only)

•Reduced fees for conferences, workshops, and services

•Notification of and access to special consortium programming

•Access to members-only web resources

•Subscription to membership listserv

•Consulting on campus planning and assessment (Institutional only)

•Eligibility for scholarships, fellowships and internships (Institutional only)

•Eligibility for representation on Steering Committee and participation in Interest Groups


Eligible institutions, organizations, and individuals designated as Members of the Consortium shall:

I. Support the mission of the Consortium;

II. Designate a faculty member, administrator, or employee, who is capable of assisting the Consortium in advancing its mission, as an official liaison who will actively encourage use of member benefits and help the Consortium provide effective and timely service to the member institution throughout the year. Duties will include distributing program publicity in a timely way to all interested individuals and promoting broad and diverse faculty and staff participation in Consortium programs;

III. Provide input into needs assessments, evaluations, and other efforts designed to strengthen the Consortium's programs and services;

IV. Understand the intended use of the listserv; exercise responsible and ethical manners when using the subscription; and agree to respect the rights of other members.

V. Abide by the policies and operating procedures of the Consortium, as stipulated in the Bylaws.
* All membership applications are assessed by the Steering Committee, whose members shall have the final decision on eligibility. Applicants will be notified of the Committee's decision.