Campus Life

Life in Univeristy  CampusThe Consortium believes that an appropriate environment affects the performance and life-quality of students positively. We aspire to create the perfect conditions for our students, providing support and decent campus conditions.

To enhance the academic results, the Consortium offers many activities on the Campus. Students may attend all the facilities free of charge. The available programs can be viewed below.

Sustainable Campus

We have initiated the Campus Greening to offer our students a healthy environment for studying. Sustainable technology allows us to manage the resources in the right way and keep our Campus nice and eco-friendly.

Students' Support

Considering how stressful the integration can be for newbies, we have prepared a range of support facilities. Each of our students gets a brochure containing all the necessary information about the Campus. Moreover, we organize a welcome party, beginning with a Campus tour organized by one of our residents.

After Class Programs

On the Campus, there is a range of facilities and programs for the residents. Students can use the library for research papers or group projects. Also, we provide fitness facilities to help our residents stay healthy and in a good mood. Last but not least, students may sign up for diverse programs in their fields of study.